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String Wound

String Wound (Cotton/Polypropelean)

In our state-of-the art facility, we produce our own yarn and wind our own elements. This process allows the control of manufacture from raw material to finished product. Thus assuring each filter meets our strict design requirements, high quality standards and retention of our NSF rating.

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Polypropylene Economical core of choice for most applications in water and corrosives to 200º F. FDA material.
Tin plated steel General purpose metal core for oils, solvents,paints, and other non-FDA applications. For use to 400º F.
304SS For high temperature applications on diluted acids and moderately corrosive fluids. FDA applications. For use to 750º F.
316SS For high temperature applications on strong acids and highly corrosive fluids. FDA applications. For use to 750º F.
Standard polypropylene For concentrated acids and alkalies, strong oxidizing agents, and corrosive fluids and gases. Non-FDA / FDA available - Consult factory. Easily incinerated to trace ash. For use to 200º F.
fibrillated polypropylene Non-migrating slit film polypropylene free of extractables used in ultra-pure liquids, electron ics, and plating where non-leaching is critical. Chemical resistance is equal to standard polypropylene./td>
FDA Grade Polypropylene Idealy suited for potable water, Pharmacutical and Food Processing Applications.
Natural cotton For oils, water, paints, organic solvents, alcohols, and petroleum. Non-FDA applications. For use to 300º F.
Bleached cotton Bleached to meet FDA standards for distilled water, beverages, vegetable oils, petroleum, fatty acids, and alcohols. For use to 300º F.
Rayon Fluid compatibility similar to bleached cotton, but with more coarse fiber and less absorbency than cotton. Swells in aqueous solutions. For use to 300º F.
Polyester Chemical resistance similar to polypropylene with high temperature resistance. For use to 350º F
Nylon For special process applications, concentrated alkalies, and hydrocarbons. For use to 300º F.
Fiberglass Available in both standard and baked media. Baking removes all traces of oil sizing, yielding virgin glass fiber. For use to 750º F.
Avaible in raw or heat treated formats.
Ryton Non oxidizing, good for high PH applications even at elevated temperatures. Is chemically resistant with many acids, salt solutions & automotive fluids. Max Temp 425ºF.

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Bleached Cotton 300°F
For potable liquids, vegetable oils, beverages,organic solvents, water, dilute acids, petroleum oils, and other services.
Natural Cotton 300°F
Same (non FDA) applications as bleached cotton
Rayon 300°F
Chemical compatibility similar to cotton. Used primarily in filtration of petroleum oils.
Fiberglass 750° F
399° C
Filtration of organic acids, organic solvenu. petroleum 399° Coils, mineral acids, and other corrosive or high temperature services.
Polypropylene 180° F
82° C
Filtration of organic acids, alkalies, and many other chemicals.
FDA Polypropylene 180° F
82° C
Filtration of water potable liquids. animal and vegetable oils, 82° C food and beverages. Very effective in low viscosity solutions.
Fibrillated Polypropylene 180° F
82° C
Same chemical compatibility as polypropylene. Has no finish on material, therefore will not cause foaming.
Polyester 250° F
121° C
Chemical compatibility similar to cotton and polypropylene. Has higher temperature resistance than polypropylene in most cases.
Nylon 350° F
177° C
Used for special process application. concentrated alkalies, and hydrocarbons.
Rayon 375° F
191° C
Similar chemical compatibility to both Nylon and Fiberglass.Excellent resistance to solvents and acids except for hot sulfuric acid and nitric acid.
Tinned Steel 400° F
204° C
General purpose applications.
Polypropylene 120° F
49° C
For lower temperature applications of corrosive fluids and gases. Easily incinerated to a trace of ash.
304 Stainless Steel 750° F
399° C
For high temperature dilute acids and moderately corrosive fluids.
316 Stainless Steel 750° F
399° C
For high temperature applications and highly corrosive fluids.