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PALL Alternate Series Filter Elements

PALL Alternate Series Filter Elements

This page contains filter series which have been designed to properly fit PALL series filter housings.

Marksman Pleated Bags

650 Deep Pleat Series - High Performance Absolute Rated Filter Bags

FTC introduces its new 650 PLATINUM Series, absolute rated, pleated bag. With 99.98% removal efficiency, it is available in filtration ranges from 0.5 to 70 microns. This unique design, U.S. Patent No. 5824232, uses segregated flow channels and flow chambers to provide up to 59 sq. ft. of effective filter media surface area within the space constraints of a standard basket.

Unipleat® High Flow Element

DPU-600 Deep Pleat Series – Alternative Filter Bags

DPU-600 HI-FLOW Series elements are designed to provide a large effective surface area within the constraints of the existing housing baskets. The DPU-600 HI-FLOW Series element is designed as an alterative to the Pall Unipleat® High Flow Element. The DPU-600 has a recommend flow rate of 120 GPM for Maximum dirt holding capacity. DPU-600 Deep Pleat filters are employed for projects requiring flow rates of 350-500 GPM per filter.