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Deep Pleated Cartridge and Bag Filter Elements

Deep Pleated Cartridge and Bag Filter Elements

550 Deep Pleat Series - High Capacity Pleated Filter Bags
FTC 550 Deep Pleat Series Filter Bags offer high dirt-holding capacity at a 99% removal efficiency. These pleated filter bags are designed to fit in standard bag filter housings. The unique design of this pleated bag offers a large effective surface area within the space constraints of a standardbasket. One 550 Series, High Capacity bag can hold more dirt than three (3) typical 500 Series bags.

DPU-600 HI-FLOW Series – Alternative Filter Bags
DPU-600 HI-FLOW Series elements are designed to provide a large effective surface area within the constraints of the existing housing baskets. The DPU-600 Series element is designed as an alterative to the Pall Unipleat® High Flow Element. The DPU-600 has a recommend flow rate of 120 GPM for Maximum dirt holding capacity. DPU-600 Series filters are employed for projects requiring flow rates of 350-500 GPM per filter.

DPB-740 Deep Pleat Cartridge
One 740 Deep Pleat Series filter is designed to have the dirt holding capacity of 28 string wound or 7 standard 2.5 inch OD pleated cartridges of similar length. Available in a wide variety of filter media, this cartridge can be constructed with metal end caps and core for high temperature applications.

MAX-OUT Deep Pleat Absolute Rated Filters
This filter provides 35 square feet of effective filter media surface area within the confines of a bag basket. This filter is designed for use with the MAX-OUT basket bag housing adapter.

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